Kamilo Melo

I build robots to study animal locomotion.
In fact, I have built a bunch of them.

I lived in Colombia.
Where I studied, did research, and taught.
I moved to France and finished my PhD with this professor.
Then, I moved to Italy and did a postdoc with this other professor.
Those days I created a startup and worked in snake robots R&D.
Along with some awesome people I published that stuff.
I now live in Switzerland, doing science with this cool professor.
Together, we published an article in Nature (featured in the cover).
And, I have a wonderful woman close to me. She also does bio-robots.

I want to have my own research lab to:
  (i) build the most incredible robots,
  (ii) answer the most tricky questions about animal
       locomotion (yes using robots), and
  (iii) teach a new generation of girls and guys to be great
       scientists and/or engineers.
I have a more detailed CV if you'd like to see more.

Hey! did I mention that I build amazing robots?
Email me if you want.

Kamilo Melo photo